Chwilio'r wefan

Translation Required: Volunteer Army supporting every community in Swansea

Translation Required: An army of more than 1,600 community volunteers are now helping vulnerable and isolated people across Swansea.

Kev Child

Translation Required:

The network has been put together by Local Area Coordinators in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

There are now LACs supporting every community in Swansea during the lockdown.

The volunteers are supporting vulnerable neighbours and others who need support by helping them with shopping for essential items, picking-up prescriptions and being a friendly voice on the other end of the phone.

In some cases they have also stepped in where people have needed to get their pets to a vet and even cleared a garden so and elderly resident could get outside for fresh air while self-isolating.

Among those to sign-up is Kev Child who works at Swansea University and is a street champion in Hazel Road in Uplands.

He said: "I saw the call for volunteers from our local area coordinator Fiona Hughes and it's something I was really keen on doing because as part of my work at the university a lot of my time is spent in community relations and supporting the local community and students in the community.

"So far it's mainly telephone calls and a little bit of shopping for people and because I've got a small motorbike I'm able to pick-up prescriptions.

"It's not onerous, in fact it's been a privilege to help people when they've asked for it.

"What it has done is bring my street closer together, we have become closer as a result of this in many ways."

Swansea Council's Cabinet Member for Care, Health and Ageing Well, Cllr Mark Child, said: "Our Local Area Coordinators are on the frontline of making sure that people who need support at this time receive it.

"I'm delighted and very grateful that so many people have responded to the call to volunteer and are supporting their communities at this time."

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