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Translation Required: Recycling sites reopen in Swansea

Translation Required: Residents in Swansea have returned to the city's recycling centres for the first time since the coronavirus lockdown.

Recycling Centres Reopen

Translation Required:

Swansea Council has reopened all five of the recycling centres in the city following a number of changes to the sites to ensure social distancing is observed.

The measures, including limiting the variety of household items which could be disposed of, has led to a successful reopening of all sites and no reports of long traffic queues to access the facilities.

Prior to the reopening, the Council called on residents to only visit the sites if it was essential and to continue using the kerbside recycling services to dispose of the bulk of their household waste.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management, said: "We have had a very successful first day of operation with residents very much playing their part in making it a success.

"Some cities and towns around the country have experienced difficulties with huge numbers of people visiting all at the same time.

"We've not had that experience so far, mainly because of the measures we put in place. This included only accepting a limited number of waste materials to start off.

"Our plan is to monitor activity at all the sites and make sure the public and staff are safe while the sites are open. Hopefully, as we continue to provide the service, we can look at introducing additional waste streams over the coming weeks.

"The message for residents is still the same however, only visit if it is essential, check our website for the latest information and help keep everyone safe."

To find out more about the Recycling Centres and what items can be disposed of visit

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