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Coronavirus staff updates

Updates for staff in relation to Coronavirus.

Coronavirus staff FAQs

FAQs on leave, self isolation, working from home and redeployment into essential services.

Employee mental health and wellbeing - Coronavirus

In these times of uncertainty and high anxiety employees and managers are reminded that the stress management and counselling service is available to support the mental health and wellbeing of all employees.

Staff update - 3 April 2020

Update on staff parking permits.

Staff update - 2 April 2020

Update on cyber security and mail.

Staff update - 1 April 2020

Translation Required: Update on praise for council staff.

Staff update - 31 March 2020

Translation Required: Update on car park restrictions being lifted and social distancing in work.

Staff update - 30 March 2020

Update on re-deployment and volunteering.

Staff update - 27 March 2020

Update on cyber attacks and protective equipment.

Staff update - 25 March 2020

Update on Cockett House and a letter to staff.

Staff update - 24 March 2020

Following the UK Government's latest advice we have produced a list of critical workers/functions which are required to provide council services.

Staff update - 23 March 2020

Staff queries email set up, plus a full Service Centre update.

Staff update - 6 April 2020

Translation Required: Update on handwashing.

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