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Coronavirus staff update - 23 March 2020

Staff queries email set up, plus a full Service Centre update.

A dedicated mailbox has been established for staff queries and will be monitored 9.00am until 5.00pm Monday to Friday currently. Information will also be available by telephone on 636033 or 636044 through that time for those staff that don't have works email.

Please promote this within your areas as the point of contact for now, to allow some critical work to continue.

Due to the Covid-19 situation all face to face training is being cancelled until at least 1 May 2020.


Service Centre update for staff

In line with recent advice concerning the ongoing threat of the Coronavirus the majority of Service Centre staff are now working from home.

We will make every effort to continue providing services during this period, however there may be a delay in responding to queries, and we thank you for your patience

Below are updates and any changes to current processes for each area within the Service Centre.


Workforce Analytics, Recruitment and Changes

These functions will continue in full, however, there are issues affecting the downloading of application forms. However, with the exception of business critical posts interviews will be postponed.

Please continue to email for any day to day transactional requirements.

Adverts to be sent to

Any report requests and absence entry queries via Oracle, please email



There will be no phone service for the foreseeable future and contact should be made using the email address.  If a call back is required via Skype/TEAMS, please email the Helpdesk requesting this and a member of the team will be in touch.

The DBS process will continue, and the team are all set up as Verification Officers and will undertake any necessary checks online.  If a Risk Assessment needs to be completed please email for advice on this process.



All staff who do not have access to Oracle self-service and would normally collect their hardcopy payslips, will now receive them through Royal Mail post for the duration of this situation.

All payroll processing will be completed remotely and if all documentation could be sent electronically to the normal mailboxes.

Due to dates the bank holidays fall, payroll was planning to bring forward the deadline for receipt of information in April to the 3 April, in light of the current circumstances if any services want to send timesheets now from the 1 March to date and follow this with a further timesheet for the rest of the month by 3 April this is acceptable. 

From April, if services want to send weekly timesheets or payroll documents to the appropriate mailboxes this is also acceptable for the foreseeable future to ensure as many payments are made as possible. Sticking with the normal monthly deadline of the 7th of each month is also fine.

All payroll queries should be directed to the service centre Helpdesk email address as mentioned above.


Cash Management

The Cash Management Team are operating all back office processes as normal.  There are a small number of staff in the office ensuring that essential cash and cheque payments are issued to our vulnerable customers. 


Civicapay cash receipting system:

All requests, issues or queries related to the Civicapay cash receipting system should be submitted by email to  This covers:

If the request is urgent you can call one of the team directly using Skype or Teams.


Bottomline PT-X Bacs processing system:

For urgent request or issues please contact the following staff members by email, Skype or Teams:

  • Michelle Davies
  • Lucy Page
  • Paula Hearn
  • Andrea Disbray


Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable staff are operating all processes as normal with the majority of work being carried out from home.  All general AR queries should be directed to  and all customer set up queries directed to as normal.  Urgent queries can also be directed to the team using Skype or Teams.


Purchasing and Payables

The teams are operational and departments can select from a range of processes to order or make payments.

Purchasing goods or services - business as usual, officers to create an Oracle PO and council to match invoice against PO.

Payment of non-goods or services (non- invoice) -  new spreadsheet process has been agreed by audit, examples include payments to food banks, refunds, one off non supplier payments.

Payment of non-goods or services (invoice) - a new e-mail approval process has been agreed by audit, examples include pension payments, contributions etc

Interfaces - business as usual

Purchase cards - departments have an option to may payment via their cards.

Petty Cash -replenishing petty cash accounts is labour intensive process. Where possible please can departments please do their best to use a purchase card instead of petty cash?

Emergency payments (payment required in bank account on same day)- CHAPS payment, this is the responsibility of Treasury Management Team.

BACS runs will continue to be processed on a regular basis.

Due to home working processing cheques payments is not possible. If you make cheque payments or are unsure what purchase or payment process you should use please contact us to discuss options.

If anything is urgent please contact Neil Payne or Nia John.


Accounts Payable and Purchasing Manager

Accounts Payable and Purchasing Team

Invoices sent to

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