Chwilio'r wefan

Coronavirus staff update - 24 March 2020

Following the UK Government's latest advice we have produced a list of critical workers/functions which are required to provide council services.

This list is based on the following:

  • Social workers and care workers
  • Contact centre staff
  • Waste and refuse
  • Emergency maintenance and repair
  • Highways emergency maintenance
  • School staff in hubs
  • Business support
  • Homelessness
  • Payroll and banking
  • Emergency planning, health and safety
  • Associated back-office functions,
  • Staff involved in responding to Covid19

We're informing relevant staff and making the necessary arrangements for these functions to be staffed so they can continue supporting residents.

In addition, we are also working with managers to work with their staff who are not in the categories above, but who can be made available to carry out other roles either in the categories above or through our community response arrangements.

So for now can you ask your managers to compile a list of staff and duties they could undertake? Could you please forward this to your HR officers and this will then be used to plan future service delivery.

Wedi'i bweru gan GOSS iCM