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Coronavirus staff update - 27 March 2020

Update on cyber attacks and protective equipment.

Cyber attacks

Staff must be on their guard about opening emails from sources they don't recognise as cyber criminals are now targeting us with Coronavirus phishing emails that install ransomware.

If executed the ransomware will potentially attack every user's device and encrypt all our files so they can't be used until a ransom is paid.

Just by opening an attachment or clicking on a link could release the ransomware with devastating results. If you have any concerns, report the phishing email via the "Report Message" icon in your toolbar or contact the ICT Security Officer via

Digital Services have put measures in place to identify this threat and to block this ransomware reaching mailboxes but everyone needs to be alert to the risk.


There is now a corporate PPE allocation process based on the potential risk of infection. PPE provision will be prioritised for frontline social care staff. Managers are being updated on the new process and any member of staff who has concerns should speak to them in the first place. There is further information available on staffnet.

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