Chwilio'r wefan

Translation Required: Parking permit extension for city centre workers

Translation Required: Swansea Council is giving city centre workers who own annual parking permits three extra months free.

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Translation Required:

The decision has been made to take into account restrictions on movement brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

Many city centre workers pay a monthly fee for parking but are unable to travel into the city centre and make use of their parking permit.

The latest plan will provide permit holders with three extra months parking at no charge.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management said: "We are aware some motorists have contacted the Council about them still paying monthly direct debits for parking in our car parks.

"Requests have been made to suspend monthly direct debits but our systems are not set up to allow this. Obviously we want to ensure motorists are not out of pocket and paying for a service they are not receiving.

 "So we have looked at an alternative way to make sure motorists are not penalised for the current restrictions we all face.

"All of those who pay annually will have their permit period extended for a further three months to take into account the current lockdown."

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