Chwilio'r wefan

Translation Required: Join in with the VE Day commemorations

Translation Required: City residents are being urged to join in with the rest of the UK on Friday for a virtual commemoration of VE Day.

Councillor Peter Black and Mrs Angela Black

Translation Required:

Friday's Bank Holiday aims to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II and is an opportunity to remember the sacrifice and service of those who took part in the defeat of fascism.

A number of commemorative events planned for the city have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. But Lord Mayor Peter Black and Swansea Council's Armed Forces Champion Wendy Lewis say people can still find ways to join in.

Both have recorded videos for VE Day and Cllr Black said: "While at the time it was an occasion for celebration and people came out on to the streets to celebrate, I would urge you to participate in the National Moment of Reflection and Remembrance at 11am on May 8th.

"The two-minute silence will not only be in recognition of the sacrifice of the Second World War generation but also the devastating impact Covid-19 has had on communities across the world."

The Lord Mayor also said people should join in the National Doorstep Toast at 3pm on Friday to celebrate VE Day safely and stage their own house party to remember the arrival of peace in Europe after years of devastating war.

Cllr Wendy Lewis said that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, VE Day represented an opportunities for communities to come together in a spirit of unity and purpose.

She said: "VE Day is a special day for our armed forces and an opportunity to remember that the defeat of Nazism was a national as well as a worldwide effort and achievement.

"Our armed forces - including men and women from this area - have continued and are continuing to risk their lives for their country in a wide range of roles. We ask those who serve to go into harm's way on our behalf, often on humanitarian or peace-keeping missions

"So the VE Day commemorations and celebrations are an opportunity to come together to raise public awareness of their commitment and sacrifice. It is a debt we can't repay, but we can show them our support."

The council's cultural services team has also organised a whole package of online activities and events to remember and celebrate VE Day at home. There's a full rundown available by going to  

As part of the #AtHome campaign, the Glynn Vivian, Swansea Museum, Dylan Thomas Centre and our library service are all taking the opportunity to tell war and VE Day stories in the countdown period.

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