Chwilio'r wefan

Translation Required: New cycling and walking route map helps keep residents local

Translation Required: Swansea Council has developed a walking and cycling route map to help guide residents along local routes in their communities.

Swansea Bayways

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With many residents choosing to walk or cycle as part of their daily exercise regime during the coronavirus restrictions, the Swansea Bayways Walk and Cycle Network map will help residents take advantage of routes on their door-step.

The new map is part of the Council's ongoing efforts to encourage residents in the city to choose walking or cycling as a regular method of travelling to work or school, as well as for health benefits.

Active Travel funding from the Welsh Government has enable the Council to significantly increase the amount of off-road cycle network in recent years.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management, said: "The latest route map will be a great source of information for residents currently walking and cycling while the restrictions are in place. We have made sure residents understand that travelling by car to access walking and cycling routes, particularly around the coastal parts of Swansea, is not acceptable at the moment.

"This map will help those residents who want to exercise but are not fully aware of what local routes are within their community - and will also help manage social distancing.

"In the longer term, this map, along with further development of cycle and walking routes in Swansea, will ensure cycling is a much more viable option for commuters and schoolchildren."

To download the map visit

Cycling Route Map

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