Chwilio'r wefan

Translation Required: A number of council environment services set to return

Translation Required: SWANSEA Council is re-starting bulky waste collections, stepping-up litter-picking and a number of other environment services.

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Translation Required:

Work to cut back grass and vegetation on roadsides, particularly on Gower, will also be re-introduced following a review of essential cleansing and environmental services.

The measures are designed as part of steps to keep city environments clean, reduce the impact of littering and support local communities. Council cleansing and parks teams will be operating under strict social distancing rules to deliver the services.

Other council services are being considered for a return in the coming weeks, subject to being provided within Welsh Government and UK Government regulations.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure, said: "The council is now in a position to re-deploy some of our cleansing and parks teams back into their roles looking after our environment.

"The services we are re-introducing can be provided within the social distancing rules and offer clear benefits for our communities.

"Among the work our teams will be doing will be litter picking and bin-emptying, deep cleaning in the city centre and other shopping areas, sand clearance on the prom as well as roadside verge grass cutting.

"We're also in a position to re-start bulky waste collections, though we'd urge customers to be patient as demand for the service is likely to be high."

He said: "No-one should see the re-introduction of these services as a loosening of the lockdown restrictions. They are simply sensible measures to keep our communities as clean as possible and maintain our local environment in the spring and early summer growing season."

Cllr Thomas said Gower visitors know well that fast-growing vegetation overhanging country lanes has to be cut back regularly because it can be a hazard to motorists, bus and emergency services. Despite the fact there are far fewer vehicles on the road due to the Coronavirus pandemic, this work still has to be done.

The council also needs to get on with cutting back grass on roadside verges to maintain visibility of other traffic by those who have no choice but to use the roads.

Specialist maintenance work on seven bowling greens and nine cricket pitches looked after by the council will also resume to prevent them becoming unusable and needing major, time-consuming refurbishment.  Knotweed control activities on public land will also re-start.

Cllr Thomas said: "If this were a normal summer, our teams would be going about doing all these things and more as part of their usual routines.

"These are not normal times and so the way we'll deliver these services will be different and fully within the Welsh Government and UK Government social distancing restrictions.

"The council is here for Swansea and is doing all it can for our communities. We want to thank everyone for the support you've given us so far because it really is making a difference.

"Please continue to follow the government rules, take your rubbish and dog's waste home with you when you go out to exercise and, above all, stay safe."

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