Chwilio'r wefan

Translation Required: Bereavement services in Swansea praised

Translation Required: Council bereavement staff in Swansea have been praised by local funeral directors for their support since the coronavirus outbreak.

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Translation Required:

Prior to strict regulations introduced by the Welsh Government, funeral directors were delivering statutory forms to Swansea Council's Bereavement Services Team by hand. However, to control social distancing an electronic system had to be implemented to receive the vital documents, so strict deadlines could be met and bereaved families would not face delays with the funeral of their loved one.

Jason Hopkin of Hopkin and Son Funeral Directors, said: "The funeral services industry has had to make fast and comprehensive changes to keep pace with a rapidly changing world, whilst keeping our customers at the forefront of our work. T

"The whole Bereavement Services Team - in the office, cemetery and crematorium deserve huge credit for the vital, but often unseen and unsung role they have played in making this possible."

Another local funeral director has contacted the Council to complement to team. He said: "I could not have done my job without the efforts of the Council's Bereavement Services Team who have been so helpful throughout this period."

Lyndon Elsey, Swansea Council's Bereavement Services Registrar, said: "Since the introduction of the Welsh Government Regulations in March we have had to implement several changes to the way we operate our admin system".

"We also introduced many changes at the crematorium and cemeteries to keep people safe at funerals, but with the full support of our funeral directors we have managed to overcome the difficulties to allow burials and cremations to take place without any disruption for bereaved families".

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management welcomed the praise. He said: "The recent changes to our society have brought with it many challenges.

"Bereavement services and the very sensitive task of coordinating and completing burials and cremations is an essential service for all families.

"I'm pleased that we have been able to avoid causing disruption to this service, where bereaved families are already facing difficult circumstances; it is also reassuring to have the full support of our local funeral directors who have been working collaboratively with the Council to keep these services operating."

Wedi'i bweru gan GOSS iCM