Chwilio'r wefan

Covid-19 staff fraud alert

During these unprecedented times fraudsters are seeing this as an opportunity to increase their activities and target councils.

As an authority we are working differently and at pace in a number of areas which can lead to potentially increased risks in our systems that fraudsters will seek to exploit. The fraudster will be trying to attack these vulnerabilities. We must continue to remain vigilant and we continue to prevent, detect and report potentially fraudulent activity and attacks.

So whilst our efforts are rightly being directed to those in need we can still try and protect our interests by continuing where possible to make the same checks and balances we would normally be undertaking.

Cross-check payments and bank statements

We need to be checking if requests for payment are as expected, cross checking them with orders and other available records to ensure payments are correct.

At this time we would ask that bank statements are checked more frequently than normal and where possible online banking be utilised to support this checking and guard against mandate fraud for example.

A Swansea School has already reported suspicious activity on their payment card.

Don't open attachments and links in emails you're not expecting

Remember phishing and vishing scams will still try to penetrate our security systems. Do not open attachments and links in e-mails that you are not expecting and ensure you report any such occurrences to IT Security.

Report any issues

If having taken these steps you think you still have a problem then stop and refer to your manager or contact the Corporate Fraud Team directly at who will be able to provide assistance and support.

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