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Y diweddaraf Coronafeirws i staff - 29 Ebrill 2020

Update on car park charges and a new staff Facebook group.

Parking charges suspension

The council is suspending staff car parking permit charges for up to six months, backdated to April 1, as part of its response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Permit fees will not be taken by payroll from May and those who paid in April will be refunded in due course.

Anyone who has cancelled their permit since mid-March and wishes to have it returned will be able to reclaim it by contacting car parking services.

In the meantime parking restrictions in our car parks at Civic Centre and Paxton Street and in the areas around Guildhall and in Baths Car Park will continue to be enforced.


Parking review

The council will conduct a fundamental review of the parking permit system in the coming months to develop a new staff parking policy to sit alongside the accommodation strategy and new ways of working.

While a review of parking permits was already planned prior to the Covid-19 crisis, in part because the current requests for permits are oversubscribed, the Covid 19 has significantly changed the way businesses operate. Many of these changes will likely  become the 'new normal'.  Therefore it is now even more important we review the parking permit allocation system to prepare for this.

The current freeze on new staff car parking permit applications will remain until the review has competed and a new system is proposed.


Staff Facebook page

A new Facebook group has been set up for council staff to receive the latest coronavirus information from the Council and for staff to share their own positive experiences of supporting the community during the pandemic: Swansea Council Staff - Coronavirus Information

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