Toglo gwelededd dewislen symudol

Polisi Tai Cydweithredol

A Co-operative Housing Policy was approved at a meeting of Swansea Council's Cabinet in January 2019.  

It means that any future plans for affordable rented housing or low cost home ownership schemes could lead to tenants forming a co-operative and taking more of a role of the management of the sites.

Tenants within these groups can take on a wide range of responsibilities linked to their homes including future maintenance, landscaping and security.

The plans follow on from a commitment by the Welsh Government in 2016 to build 20,000 homes and has agreed a way to achieve this with Community Housing Cymru and the WLGA.

The Council has been working closely with Wales Co-operative Centre and the Confederation of Co-operative Housing to develop this policy and is committed to explore potential opportunities.

If you are interested in such a venture please read the policy for more detail.